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  • Magnetic Whiteboard Junior Combo
  • Noticeboard Junior Combo
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Kids Board

Junior Combo is the practical and standard classic wooden stand mobile board in smaller version, specially designed for the children to cater your children’s creative needs meanwhile of getting them well prepared for future school life. The classic wood finishing added a classic touch to any professional wood furniture collaboration. Other than that, the nyatoh wood structure constructed stand with only clear lacquer finished is also perfect combination of functionality and beautifully minimalist design.

Particularly standard double sided viewing board are customizable in different combination at your choice to cater the creative needs of your children. The small magnetic whiteboards are easy to write on and easy to wipe clean even with color markers whereas the noticeboards can use for drawing or cards pinning. Furthermore, the Junior Combo also very portable as it is constructed mobility with heavy duty lockable castors. Simply pushing the board to the location where you want to keep your children under your eyes, and lock the castors in place. Play and learn with doodling and allow the imagination to flow at anytime anywhere.

Customization are available as the boards are locally fabricated in our workshop. Looking to get a board for your little one? Talk to our sales representative now in order for us to assist you further!



  • Double sided viewing
  • Nyatoh wooden stand with lacquer finished
  • Complete with wooden pen tray for writing board
  • With heavy duty lockable castors
  • Size: L36″ x H32″ x 48″ Overall height
  • Options of pinning noticeboard or writing surface


RI-KID-JCFFelt pinning noticeboard surface
RI-KID-JCDFFabric pinning noticeboard surface
RI-KID-JCPPolyester Coated magnetic whiteboard writing surface
RI-KID-JCEe3 Porcelain Enamel-On-Steel magnetic whiteboard writing surface
RI-KID-JCCCombination of Polyester Coated magnetic whiteboard and felt pinning noticeboard surface

Customised sizes are available upon request. Discuss with sales representative if you have any idea or requirement in mind.

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