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Magnetic chalkboards are widely used in restaurants, universities and home environments. The chalkboards have a quality dry erase surface can be used with chalk marker pens or traditional chalk.  The unique chalky appearance become massively popular in modern styles premises for the vintage trends design. A chalky ghosting finishes board reflect a different and vintage vibes compare to the normal writing board. In addition, the matte furnished magnetic chalkboard surface also look super sophisticated. Particularly when there are some truly amazing chalkboards art on it.

Many shops use chalkboard to display their menus to announce daily specials which required anytime prompt changes. It is easy to change out, fun way to express creativity and show your attraction which will definitely let your shop appearance stands out from the others.These portable chalkboard menu stand are especially in high demand during seasonal or promotional sales period.

Resource Innovate supplies green and black magnetic chalkboard surface. Besides wall-mounted chalkboard, we supplies mobile chalkboard and portable chalkboard menu stand. As one of the popular old methods teaching aid, the chalkboard has advantages of being a user-friendly writing alternative and allow students to keep pace with teacher. Black chalkboard gives good impact on presenting written and visual ideas whereas green chalkboard causes less fatigue to the eyes besides of provides emotional stability when enhancing learning experiences.

Browse through the various type of magnetic chalkboard listed here and find one that suit your requirement!

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