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Magnetic whiteboard is now widely used in different sectors as writing board, notice display board, teaching aids and information sharing . They are commonly found in offices, meeting and conference rooms, school classrooms, as well as residential. The purpose of a whiteboard is to visualize thoughts, concepts, write down ideas, explain and teach, plan and create in the group and many other things. 

Whiteboards are manufactured with two type of materials the dry erase surface. There are Polyester Coated surface and e3 Porcelain Enamel-on-steel surface. The e3 Porcelain Enamel-On-Steel whiteboard is one of the superior whiteboard surface in terms of readability, durability and magnetic capability. The low gloss smooth surface enables writing and multi-media projection capabilities, it eliminates ghosting and improves erasability. The Porcelain surface is much more durable, long-lasting and easier to clean than Polyester-coated surface. The magnetic surface of the whiteboard could double up the function as a noticeboard or display board.

Wall-mounted whiteboard finished in natural anodised aluminium frame or wooden frame. As for the mobile whiteboard, options of aluminium stand or powder-coated mild steel stand. Both options complete with lockable heavy duty castors. Mobile whiteboard features castors that lock and unlock so it can roll smoothly across the floor. Making set up for group discussions effortless and immediate, the portable whiteboard allows for collaboration to occur on demand.

To prolong the life span of a whiteboard, you must regularly clean the surface of the board. Use only quality markers and cleaning products and avoid abrasive cleaners. Use a damped cloth moistened with clean water is enough to keep a board clean if used every week.  Be sure to stay away from wax-based cleaners as they leave a pesky film on the whiteboard.

Browse through the various type of whiteboard listed here and find one that suit your requirement.

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