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Resource Innovate Pte ltd, the leading manufacturer and retailer of Multi Purpose Display Panel. We provide you with the best industry knowledge and products. Browse through and discover a vast selection of Display Panel from us. Selection ranging from Standalone / Individual system to linkage hinged system, from Basic Display Board to Folding Systems, etc.

Multi Purpose Display Panels able to use in different ways depending on your requirements. All our display panels are double side. They give you a maximum visibility area – ideal if the panels can be approached from both sides. Our Display boards are incredibly versatile and they can fulfil any display requirement for almost any environment.  They are ideal for promoting your product or service at exhibitions and trade shows. The Display Panels also able to use for showcasing information in offices, schools, public buildings, reception areas, retail environments, craft fairs, surgeries and transport hubs. The fabric/felt display panels are pinnable and Velcro-friendly which makes them easy to attach your promotional material to.

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