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Crowd control system for example barricade and queue pole allow an immediate set up access or cordoning off areas and crowds traffic controlling. Especially when there is an emergency happenings so that medics team or police officer can carry out their task without any minutes delay. 

Retractable barricade or fixed rail barricade in yellow or/and black as the main serving purpose for the barricade are used for accessibility restrictions or control crowd traffic flow. The prominent yellow colours allow the barricade to be visible from far and catch public attention easily. These safety metal barricades are made with top-quality workmanship and sturdy material to ensure the product durability.

Concurrently, portable sign stand are best to work in pair with the crowd control system to guide the public and redirect them to the correct passage. It is highly recommended for events or booths whereby you are required to change the placement location very frequently meanwhile of safe guarding your assets or equipment. Mobile snap frame stand is the most popular choice among all mobile display stand due to it’s great convenient on display changing. Furthermore, we can change the quick change snap frame display sizes accordingly to your display needs.

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