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Flipchart easel is a stand with large sheets of paper held by a flipchart clip fixed to the upper edge of a whiteboard. Flip charts are perfect to use as a static display tool for presentation slides and the perfect aid for business meetings considering it’s portability and mobility. “H” mobile stand or “A” stand without wheels are the most popular profile among all.

Beyond that, they are useful in many other situation. For example flip chart can be a tool for capturing information in meetings and brainstorming sessions in classroom. It is also an ideal tool to record relevant information in manufacturing plants ; a creative drawing board for art students ; a palette for artists in “life-drawing” classes ; for strategy coaching for sports team etc.

Free standing mobile flipchart with wheels eases mobility from room to room or point to point whereas collapsible and foldable flip chart easels save storage space and easy to transport when traveling.

Various flipchart range either with or without wheels, single-sided or double-sided whiteboard surface, aluminum stand or mild steel stand, natural anodised or black anodised aluminium frame are available in Resource Innovate. Contact us now to find out more!

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