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Kids board are boards which Resource Innovate custom made for our precious little one and unquestionably it is the most popular selling board series in children education field. During the design and fabrication process, we put safety in top priority in order to tailor-made board to the most suitable height and ideal sturdiness structure designed stand for our little users. In order to supply the most practical and convenient board, we do provide board surface customization in different combination, whether in pinning noticeboard surface or magnetic writing board based on your kid’s requirement. You can choose different color for the noticeboard surface, and either magnetic whiteboard or magnetic chalkboard for writing surface option.

Besides of long hours fun activities time engagement, you also can strengthen the bonding in-between you and your child by spending some quality playtime together. Kids boards allow child to blossom in creativity by offering a place to turn their conceptualization into drawings with writing and indulge in fun art creating activities with pinning noticeboards. You can train your child’s imagination skill when they are sketching and playing on the board. Consequently, child also being encourage to be open minded and express feelings by doodling, regardless with or without words when they are developing their learning curve. In the other hand, the kids board also protected your walls, tiles or furniture from their mischievous little hands as they will scribble whatever they want on every reach-able surface during their important creative art-making learning stages. The kids board are just the thing you need to keep those little hands to one thing and no more colorful yet messy drawing marks on your wall! Free yourself from cleaning after playtime!

Browse through the various type of kids board listed here and find one that suit your needs!

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