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Noticeboards is pinning bulletin board which usually use for displaying notices or posting of public messages, for example, to advertise items wanted or for sale, announce events, or provide information. Other than that, bulletin board also boosting creativity and productivity when you need it most while serving as nice decoration for your premises with colorful objects nailed up.

Notice boards are often made of high-density fabric top layer and pin-able softboard, however, it can also customize with writing surface such as magnetic blackboard or whiteboard if you prefer to attaching notes or display with magnets. Pinning noticeboard material which complete with self-healing ability and repairability are designed to withstand repeated use, it allows the board to be reused for a long time as it will have no obvious visible pinholes left on the board surface after the pins are removed.

Subsequently pin-up notice board available in options of felt surface, fabric surface and classic cork surface. Out of the three, felt surface pin-up board is the most economic and best selling item. The felt and fabric are available in choice of rainbow color to match with your interior and furniture fittings. Standard sizes as well as customized size available to fit your space allowance.

Resource Innovate carry wide selection of wall-mount noticeboard finished with choice of aluminium or wooden frame, mobile noticeboard, lockable casement noticeboard either with sliding or hinge door. Lockable noticeboards are perfect for displaying important notices or material for public consumption without worrying it will be removed whereas mobile noticeboard are dual purpose on both sides of the board offering maximum flexibility, ideal for use in training, reception areas and meetings. Additionally you can also opts for mobile version noticeboard that complete with lockset meanwhile of enjoying the convenience of pushing the board to where ever you desire.

Browse through the various type of noticeboard listed here and find one that suit your requirement!

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