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Tempered glass whiteboard is made from toughen safety glass, and supported by a steel backing for added strength. Glass boards are ideal for complementing any office, conference room or boardroom in private clinics, medical facilities, factories, restaurants, schools, colleges, universities, government facilities and residential homes, primarily to visually communicate information. The ultra-contemporary look of a glassboard is a quick way to freshen up your office. When not in use, they double as a striking wall feature that will capture the attention of visitors and give your space a more modern feel.

Compared to traditional whiteboard, the have several features which make them better all-round performers. Glass whiteboard made with non-porous tempered glass are scratch and stain resistant. There will be no ghosting or leftover marker stain after erasing and making them much easier to wipe clean. As they are manufactured in tempered glass, glass marker boards feature high durability, meaning that they do not break easily. Even in case of breakage, the glass is shattered into small and harmless unsharpened glass fragments. It is the most durable choice as a writing board, notice board, brainstorming board and other heavy-duty uses. The frameless design allows you to seamlessly join multiple boards together to create a functional and stylish communication board to suit your needs.

Glass writing board are becoming more and more popular at home, office, schools and almost everywhere. Wall-mounted or mobile, glass writing boards stand as a compact, ready-to-use and hassle-free to maintain solution that incorporate an ultra-slim, durable glass board allowing users to write down information using any type of markers. Writings or drawings on glass marker boards are easy to wipe and clean.

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